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Summer Fashion Tips For Ladies/womens/Girls – 2017

Summer Fashion Tips For Ladies/womens/Girls – 2017:

1. Purchase summer shoes a half-size or a full-measure bigger than you typically would.
our feet swell During Summer Season. That is the reason when You looking for new shoes this time purchase shoes bigger than you would in winter.

2. Mind your fabrics.
Go with Natural Fabrics like Cotton, Khadi, Silk & Tasar to stay cool on these steamy & extremely hot days of summer, It will retain sweat and discharge it rapidly So, that you will feel more cool from inside and of course from outside.  

Khadi is a strong summer material—its stronger than cotton and a superior conductor of warmth, making it the most breathable fabric out there. As opposed to prevalent thinking, silk is a decent decision for summer also, since its regular, breathable, and cooling. The main drawback: It must be cleaned oftentimes in the event that you sweat. Additionally extraordinary: super-thin denim.
jeans can be transformed into shorts, and long jackets into adorable edited coats to wear over summer dresses.


3. Light Makeup Is Up For Summer.
Apply Sunscreen for sure. If you are out for the day than do not forget to keep your cap/hat/umbrella with you. 
Apply lip balm or gloss on your lips to protect from harsh sun ray.

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