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Comparison Of Cheap Virtual Private Server VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers hosting or VPS hosting is the one of the most inexpensive ways to have full root/administrator control over your own server. A virtual server is hosted on shared hardware resources thereby reducing the hosting cost.Cheap VPS hosting

In this article, I just centered around VPS servers that are $30/mo or less. There are many VPS hosting providers but I have discussed VPS plans with best hosting reviews that are just $2 to $5 per month. Many providers offer choice in terms of operating system like linux vps hosting or linux virtual server hosting.

VPS servers can be used for monitoring, offsite backups, or your own particular webserver. Know your needs to identify size of RAM and/or storage space needed. Likewise remember that if web hosting service provider has oversubscribed their physical base, this could make your VPS server slow.
$30/mo (2GB RAM, 1 core, 50GB storage, 1TB traffic)
Europe and USA
CentOS, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows Server
$2-11/mo (96MB to 1GB RAM, 1 core, 3-15 GB SSD storage, 0.1-1 TB traffic)
CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Suse, Ubuntu
$15-30/mo (2-4GB RAM, 1-2 cores, 30-60 GB storage, 1-2 TB traffic)
$8-16/mo (256MB to 2GB RAM, 2-4 cores, 30-60 GB storage, 1-4 TB traffic)
Various Linux
$17-$25/mo (1GB to 2GB RAM, 1 core, 20-40 GB storage, 0.3-0.6 TB traffic)
CentOS, Debian, RedHat, Suse, Ubuntu
$14-30/mo (750MB to 1.5 GB RAM, 1-3 cores, 30-75 GB storage, 1-2.5 TB traffic)
London, Amsterdam, LA, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Miami, NY
CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows Server (+$10)
$10-25/mo (512MB to 2GB RAM, 2-4 cores, 50-100 GB storage, 0.3-1.4 TB traffic)
CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu
$5-20/mo (512MB-2GB RAM, 1-2 cores, 20-40 GB SSD storage, 1-2 TB traffic)
NY, San Francisco, Amsterdam
Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Arch
$2-20/mo (128MB to 2GB RAM, 1-2 cores, 2-500 GB storage)
Many European countries, Chile, HK, Iceland, Russia, UK, USA
CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu
$30/mo (1GB RAM, 1 core, 40 GB storage, 1 TB traffic)
Singapore, Europe, USA
$20-30/mo (384-576MB RAM, 1core, 10-22GB storage, 0.25-0.375 TB traffic)
$6-12/mo (192-384 MB RAM, 1 core, 2-5 GB storage, 0.1-0.5 TB traffic)
$20/mo (1 GB RAM, 8 cores, 48 GB storage, 2 TB traffic)
Tokyo, London, Newark, Dallas, Atlanta, Fremont
Arch, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE, Slackware, Ubuntu,
$30/mo (1 GB RAM, 1 core, 40 GB storage, 5 TB traffic)
Windows Server, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS
$16/mo (512MB RAM, 1 core, 20 GB storage)
Texas, Chicago, UK, HK, Sydney
$2-11/mo (256MB – 1 GB RAM, 2 cores, 10-30 GB storage, 0.25-0.5TB Traffic)
Dallas, Phoenix
Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora
$5-20/mo (0.5-2 GB RAM, 1-2 core, 20-40 GB SSD, 1-3 TB traffic)
LA, Buffalo, Toronto
CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu
$5-22/mo (256MB to 1GB RAM, 1-4 cores, 5-20 GB SSD storage, 1-2 TB traffic)
CentOS, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Scientific, Ubuntu, Windows Server (Asia Web Services)
$12-20/mo (512MB-1GB RAM, 1 core, 10-20 GB storage, 0.2-0.4 TB traffic)
Hong Kong
CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian


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