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How to Use a Delonghi EC-5 Espresso Machine – Manual & Instructions

Instructions on how to use Delonghi EC-5 espresso coffee maker:

  1. Clean the espresso machine if you are using it for the first time. Rinse out the carafe and reservoir with a small amount of water and, if necessary, a mild soap. Do not fully immerse the espresso machine in water while cleaning it.Delonghi EC5 coffee maker
  2. Make sure the power switch is turned off. Remove the reservoir cap on top of the machine and fill the carafe with water. Do not fill the carafe past the top line (labeled “4”). Use the line guide to add sufficient water for the number of espressos you want to prepare. For example, if you want to make two espressos, fill the carafe to line “2.” Replace the reservoir cap.
  3. Insert the metal filter into the filter holder. Use the line guide on the side of the holder to determine how much coffee to add. Use line “2” if you want to make two espressos; use line “4” if you want to make four espressos.
  4. Insert the holder into its mount. Turn it to the right to lock it. Place the carafe underneath the holder on its heating plate. Choose your desired strength level using the dial indicator. Select “Light,” “Medium” or “Strong,” depending on your preferences. Consider starting with “Medium” if you’ve never used the machine before.
  5. Press the “On” switch to begin making your espresso. According to the user’s guide, the drink will be ready in about three minutes. Once the liquid stops dripping, the espresso is ready to drink. Pour the espresso from the carafe into the cup of your choice.

Note: Read the Delonghi EC5 manual carefully before using.

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